NAE : Passion for Excellence !

Created in 1998, Normandie AeroEspace (NAE) is Normandy’s network for the aerospace, defence and security industries, participating in major projects for tomorrow.

Its 110 members form a regional network of excellence: major industrial groups, airports, a military base, a number of SMEs and intermediate-sized firms as well as research laboratories and institutions of higher learning.

Normandie AeroEspace takes pride in the excellent results across all of its business areas and with support from Institutions in Normandy has provided a label of Excellence to all of its members.

Its objective is to enable the air & space, defence and security industries to play an important role in major projects for the future.


A few key dates:

  • 1998 : First meetings between nine industrials
  • 2001 : The creation of Haute-Normandie AeroEspace in Upper Normandy
  • 2005 : Creation of the association
  • 2006 : Opening in Lower Normandy
  • 2008 : Opening to partner members (SME’s, Research laboraties and Educational establichments)
  • 2016 : 110 members in the network

The four strategic development areas of NAE

Business & Performance

  • To develop the business of our members in our sectors, both in France and abroad

Research, Technology & Innovation

  • To position Normandy and its members as a key «player» of the RTI on a national and international level

Employment & Training

  • To enable NAE companies to have the human resources they need, with appropriate training and quality to enable them to meet their strategic challenges


  • To increase awareness of NAE cluster and its members

Key figures







Billion € Turnover

2 000

recruits expected within 5 years in Normandy


 NAE Team

Fabienne Folliot

Managing Director

Samuel Cutullic

Research Technology & Innovation

Marion Morel

Communication, Employment & Training

Marilyne Cavelier


 NAE Office

Philippe Eudeline

Gérard Lissot
Vice President

Christophe Martin
Vice President Employment & Training

Christian Grzanka

Jean-Fabrice Portal

Maryline Haize-Hagron
VP Communication

Jean-Luc Gehere
VP Business & Performance