Communication – Promotion

Meet, Promote, Inform, Shine


Increase awareness of NAE cluster and its members
1. Strategy : Contribute to the promotion of the «Normandie Label», and highlight our sectors.
2. Image : Developing the national and international image of NAE cluster.
3. Network : Build strategic partnerships and pursue our strategy of excellence and proactivity.


  • Promoting Normandy as a major region for excellence in aerospace, defence and security sectors.
  • Supporting the different angles of development of NAE with inter-professional action: RTI, Employment-Training and Business and Performance.


For example:

  • Press releases
  • Privileged contacts with the regional press, national press..
  • Members Directory
  • Website with a page per member and a searchengine on skills
  • Week of aeronautics, space, defence and security
  • 6 newsletters per year…