DGA Techniques Hydrodynamiques

DGA Techniques Hydrodynamiques

BP 510 – Chaussée du Vexin



  • The DGA Hydrodynamics center (formely Bassin d’essais des carènes) is a tests and evaluations center in naval hdrodynamics and hydroacoustics, that is on the General Directorate of Armaments (DGA – Defense Procurement Agency) of the French Ministry of Defense.



  • Assistance in the speci cation, development and evaluation of high performance ships in the elds of hydrodynamics and hydroacoustics
  • Design/optimization of propulsion systems for submarines and surface ships
  • Performance and interpretation of simulations and/or tests on models or at full-scale in the design, development or acceptance phase in the following various technical areas of expertise:
    • Resistance and propulsion (calm water and swell)
    • Seakeeping and maneuvrability
    • Hydroacoustics, cavitation
    • Hydrodynamic loading of structures and stability
  • The Center brings a technical support to export activities for civilian or military purposes, and for renewable energy development within marine applications (wave energy recovery and tidal systems, offshore windmill…)


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