IUT d’Evreux

IUT d’Evreux

55 rue Saint-Germain 27000 Evreux

Tel : 02 32 29 15 00



  • Education and research
  • LMSM research :
    • The general research area of the Laboratoire de Microbiologie – Signaux et Microenvironnement (Laboratory of Microbiology – Signals and Microenvironment) is the role of communication and environmental or eucaryotic factors in the adaptation of bacterial virulence
  • This research area is approached from several speci c axes
    • Adaptation of the Pseudomonas to their environment
    • Bacteria – eucaryotic cell interactions
    • Sensors and membrane proteins in communication
    • Role of the secretion of the extracellular matrix in adaptation
  • COBRA EVREUX research :
    • The competencies of this group are complementary and interdisciplinary in organic synthesis, physical chemistry analyses and surface functionality
  • Three application axes are on-going
    • Biomedical
    • Bioanalytics
    • Depollution



  • Laboratories: LMSM and COBRA EVREUX
  • Courses: Social Careers, Bioengineering, Managing Companies and Public Bodies, Physical Measurements, Packaging, Marketing Techniques


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