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14000 Caen, France
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  • Heterogeneous catalysis, spectroscopy of solids and surface species
  • Distinct know-how (specific product, unique skills, etc.)
  • Identification of the active sites of catalysts relative to their activity, selectivity and deactivation
  • Design and characterization of nano-materials with hierarchical porosity (zeolites, micro, meso & macro levels)
  • Application of divided solids in catalysis, adsorption, separation, sensors, etc.
  • Simultaneous measurement of the mass of a sample and recording of its infrared transmission spectrum
  • Characterization of the properties of catalysts (acidity, alkalinity, redox, composition, specific surface area, porous volume, dispersion of metals, etc.)
  • Considered design of solid catalysts: metal oxides, zeolites, supported metals, sulfurs
  • Depollution of mobile or stationary sources
  • Prevention of the aging of oils by treatment with nano-particles with hierarchical porosity
  • Industrial partnerships, research collaborations and service delivery



  • The Laboratoire Catalyse et Spectrochimie (LCS ) (Catalysis and Spectrometry Laboratory) prepares and studies solid catalysts for environmental and sustainable development applications. The LCS has built its reputation on operando spectroscopy of catalysts, i.e. on the real-time observation of material in the chemical reactor, during the reaction. With a center that is very strong in infrared spectroscopy, but also in RMN and Raman spectroscopy, the LSC is unique in the field of automotive depollution (exhaust system catalysts), in the production of energy (refinement, biofuels) and in the field of bio-resources.


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