1 rue Marconi
Parc de la Vatine
76130 Mont St Aignan
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  • The Laboratory for Digital Innovation for Companies and Learning to support the Competitiveness of the Territories (LINEACT) put together the research activities implemented within the CESI group and focusses on 2 scientific unifying themes:
    • “To learn and innovate” puts together comprehensive analysis and engineering,
    • “Engineering and digital tools” gathers system modelling and optimisation and data processing and analysis and decision-making.
  • This research meets the requirements and needs of the companies and the territories they work in, and is in the service of the people who compose these systems; it is organised around 2 unifying fields of application:
    • The City of the Future (BIM and PLM, energy efficiency, innovation and competences development)
    • The Industry of the Future (Digital and expanded factory, maintenance and production, innovation and competences development)
  • Those 2 fields of competences enable crossing the core competences needed for implementing the projects developed around the scientific themes, which in turn take advantage of the concepts, methodologies and tools achieved within the frame of the works implemented in the 2 themes. The projects are organised around 2 demonstrators, platforms and technical facilities, Factory of the Future based in Rouen and Building of the Future based in Nanterre.



  • Industrial performance, PLM, augmented and virtual reality for industrial applications, modeling and optimization of production system, data analysis, fablab.


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