NAE: centre of excellence!

Normandie AeroEspace, is the Norman network in the aeronotics,space industry, defense and security taking part in tomorrow's future big projects.



A convivial circle of invested leaders


It is formed of big industrial groups, airports, military bases, SMI/SME, research laboratory and schools. NAE’s goal is to allow the aerospace, defense and security fields a major role in tomorrow’s future projects.

Normandie AeroEspace gets a strong financial backing from Europe, the french state and the Normandy region. In return it provides a quality label in individual and collective projects.

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In the late 90’s, a few upper norman aeronotics and spatial industries, meeting up with the same issues in terms of employement/formation, purchase/subcontracting, research/technology, decide to unit around a matching concept.


Root and cultivate

the inner-region activities to face competitivness

Promote Normandy

as a leading aerospace region

and win loyalty

attract new talents

To reach its aims
Normandie AeroEspace set itself 4 working guidelines

Business & Performance

Increase our members business in our working fields, both in France and abroad.

Research, Technology and Innovation

Anchor Normandy and its members as an unmissable RTI operator both on the French soil and abroad.

Employement and Formation

Enable NAE firm to use the human ressources that it needs, members with a strong and suited formation that will allow NAE to face up their strategic stakes.


Incresse Normandie AeroEspace and its members influence.

A few


A few industrials start a cooperative agreement

Birth of the upper Norman AeroEspace. A progress policy act signed between the French state, the region and the companies gives birth to the aerospace sector. Working guidelines are set up. An operator drives Haute-Normandy AeroEspace’s actions within the regional council.

Forms a partnership. The field structures itself and gives a new breath to its development.

Opens up towards lower Normandy. The goal is to be able to lean on a well-stocked network of suppliers and subcontractors. Haute-Normandie AeroEspace becomes Normandie AeroEspace.


Opens up to new parters: SMI/SME, suppliers and subcontractors, research operators and academic partner.

142 members


NAE staff

Fabienne Folliot

Executive Manager

Samuel Cutullic

Responsable for RTI and SME Animation

Marion Morel

Responsable for Communication and Employement

Marilyne Cavelier

Responsable for Management and Administration 

Christel Guizani


Charline Duneufgermain

Communication Apprentice

Charlotte Fleury

Employement policy officer

NAE Board

Philippe Eudeline


Technology & Innovation Manager – THALES LAS

Gérard Lissot

Institutional Relations VP

Member of the CESER

Maryline Haize-Hagron

Communication VP

Manager of the Caen Carpiquet and Deauville Normandie

Christian Grzanka


Surveillance council – REVIMA GROUP

Jean-Fabrice Portal


In charge of the Nacelles System – SAFRAN NACELLES

Jean-Luc Gehere

Business & Performance VP

Head of Corporate Indirect Procurement – ARIANE GROUP

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