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At Eurosatory 2024 Electronics & Defense announced the launch of its Skyjacker counter-drone solution. Skyjacker effectively addresses the growing threat posed by drones in battlespaces and at sensitive installations. Its strength lies in its unique spoofing capability, which alters a drone’s trajectory by simulating the GNSS signals that guide it to its target. Coupled with radar detection and optronic identification, Skyjacker efficiently neutralises both isolated drones and drone swarms in land and naval environments.

Skyjacker replaces the hostile drone’s satellite guidance signals with modified signals designed to deceive the drone about its position, thereby disrupting or interrupting its mission. It is particularly well-suited for countering saturation attacks, such as swarming drones, and can defeat isolated drones piloted remotely by an operator, with an effective range of one to ten kilometres (over six miles).

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