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Pulse power technology has developed rapidly, and its application fields have been continuously expanding and widely applied in biomedicine [15], plasma material processing [68], high-power power supplies [9], accelerator [10], and other fields [1113]. As one of the core devices of pulsed power systems, switching devices have received much attention.

Traditional switching devices, such as spark gap, pilot tubes, gate tubes, vacuum tubes, and explosive switches, have advantages and drawbacks. Spark gap switch and fast speed can carry out high-voltage high current opening and closing. Still, its life is low, and due to the limitations of the recovery characteristics, the spark gap switch has a maximum repetition frequency of 10 Hz. The pilot tube has high voltage resistance, high power, and fast current rise, but its life is short, just like the spark gap switch. Gate tubes are fast and can operate stably for a long time. Still, they are expensive and difficult to synchronize and control, and these devices are primarily used in low-repetition frequency applications.

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