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 Cargo drone maker, AerialMetric, has just completed a 225-kilometre-long medical drone flight in Northern Madagascar, the longest cargo flight in Africa to date, reports dronenews.africa.

While, Astral Aerial in Kenya claims the actual longest at over 1,000 kms, it is a much larger craft weighing more than a ton, and is neither designed to carry “special packages”, nor battery-powered. Therefore, AerialMetric’s new record is for small cargo drones and was achieved while carrying a 2kg medical package.

A WeRobotics, (partners the start-up for its Madagascan leg of the Flying Labs network) statement said, “AerialMetric has carried out four long-range flights with the following range targets: 150km, 175km, 200km, and 225km. We’re pleased to report that all flights were carried out successfully across Northern Madagascar.”

It continued, “The cargo included two capsules weighing a total of 2kg. We estimate this to be the equivalent of 300 biological samples in terms of weight.”

Source : AerialMetric cargo drone completes 225 km medical flight – « longest yet in Africa » – Urban Air Mobility News