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WeRobotics reports on its website that together with researchers at the Laboratory of Urban Transport Systems (LUTS) at EPFL (one of Switzerland’s leading polytechnic universities), and Kenya Flying Labs it has embarked on a joint experiment to test LUTS’ innovative approach to traffic congestion in Nairobi, which is ranked as the world’s 4th most congested city, with a potential cost of USD 1 billion per year and around 40% of total CO2 emissions – according to a 2019 report by Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority.

“Drones provide excellent visibility, can cover large areas, and are relatively affordable. What’s more, they offer greater precision than GPS technology and eliminate the behavioural biases that occur when people know they’re being watched. And we use drones in a way that protects people’s identities,” says Manos Barmpounakis, a post-doc researcher at LUTS.

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