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General information

In 2017, ECSEL Joint Undertaking will open its fourth Call. ARTEMIS Industry Association organises the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event 2017 in Brussels to help with the drafting of project proposals and finding the right consortium partners. About 250 participants from all over Europe are expected to attend this event.

The ARTEMIS Brokerage Event will focus specifically on Embedded Intelligence (Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things and Digital Platforms) within the ECSEL Call. In addition, proposals for Lighthouse projects within the full ECSEL scope, also covering Smart Systems and Nano-electronics, are also very welcome to present themselves at this event. Of course, this focus does not exclude project proposals for other calls, such as H2020.

The set-up of the programme is slightly different than in previous years, as it starts with lunch at 12:30 on 31 January. The break-out sessions have also been adapted, to a more dynamic set-up.

What is the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event

This event provides:

  • the opportunity to meet consortium partners
  • draft project proposals with the starting consortia
  • an important indication for Public Authorities to sense the field of interest in advance
  • information on the Multi-Annual Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2017 (MASRIA), which has been prepared by the three industry associations in ECSEL and is the basis for the Multi-Annual Strategic Plan 2017 (MASP) of ECSEL-JU

We highly recommend using the ARTEMIS Project Idea Tool, which will serve as basis for the Brokerage event.


NAE y sera donc si vous avez des projets à défendre ou présenter, sollicitez nous.

Pour en savoir plus : https://artemis-ia.eu/brokerage-2017.html