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BluGlass Ltd of Silverwater, Australia – which has developed proprietary low-temperature, low-hydrogen remote-plasma chemical vapor deposition (RPCVD) technology – says that its gallium nitride (GaN) laser diodes have achieved feasible reliability, demonstrating more than 500 hours of continuous operation with stable optical power and voltage in reliability testing.

BluGlass adds that the lasers maintained good performance during testing at 20-25°C, demonstrating light output with less than 20% degradation – a key commercial standard for laser diodes. Reliability testing of these lasers is ongoing.

Reliability feasibility is a critical prerequisite milestone for beta production and commercial product launches. BluGlass says that these performance metrics enable it to increase its engagement with potential customers awaiting alpha and beta products, and indicate that the design is ready for increased volume.

Improvements in reliability are directly attributable to enhanced metals, facets and bonds, completed by BluGlass’ contract manufacturers. Newer iterations with further improvements to the four key components of laser diodes are currently progressing through BluGlass’ supply chain, and the firm is working to increase manufacturing quality and yields with its Silicon Valley production facility and team.

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