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The 14th Five Year Plan was launched by the CAAC on 8 June, but no details of the eVTOL/drone elements of the plan can be found on the CAAC website. The news service carries a question-and-answer story with an unnamed CAAC official. The following text is an edited version of interview answers.

  • The plan proposes to ….expand the application field of drones, guide the establishment of a market-oriented and socialized service guarantee system, and vigorously develop a low-altitude new economy driven by new intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles. It is clear that it will support the expansion of application services, deepen agricultural services, expand industrial applications, support logistics and distribution, and promote cross-border integration.
  • In terms of UAV logistics and distribution, we will vigorously support the development of UAV logistics and distribution, open up the “trunk, branch and end” network of aviation logistics, and promote the organic integration of UAVs into the county and rural three-level logistics network system and the modernization of agriculture and rural areas . In particular, the plan will develop the low-altitude UAV logistics distribution system in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and explore the construction of a UAV low-altitude logistics distribution route network.

Source : China “to accelerate low altitude economy of long distance cargo drones and urban eVTOLs” – Urban Air Mobility News