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The boards help designers quickly implement rad-hard GaN power devices into high reliability and aerospace applications. The demonstration boards offer fast prototyping and evaluation of the features and capabilities of EPC Space rad hard eGaN power devices. The range includes three low-side driver demo boards, the EPC7C001, EPC7C002 and EPC7C003, which use company’s eGaN gate driver modules to drive a corresponding 40, 100 or 200V discrete eGaN FET. There is also the EPC7C005 demonstration board that allows evaluation of the switching operation and conversion efficiency performance of the FBS-GAM02-P-C50 rad-hard power module connected as a half-bridge point of load (PoL) output stage. The third element is the EPC7C006 demo board. This three-phase motor demonstration board uses the FBS-GAM02-P-R50 module.

Source : Power Electronics Europe News