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Defining the future governance criteria for urban air mobility eco-systems will depend on  the individual service delivery model in each area, the will of the people and the development of technologies and operator businesses which we do not yet fully understand, according to David Tait, Head of Innovation at the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, speaking at CIVATAGlobal’s most recent webinar “Creating an urban drone/UAM ecosystem: the role of Governments, Regulators and Local Authorities” (https://www.civataglobal.org/civataglobal-events)

“We shouldn’t regulate too early and before we understand what the service design is going to look like,” he told a global audience of UAM industry, local authorities and regulators. “It is very early to say we know what the public wants, we have to give them an opportunity to decide for themselves.” There are ways in which the regulator can use its current powers to support locally-developed transport infrastructures – but these are all based on existing technologies and business models and it is not yet clear what the future technologies and business models are going to be. “Therefore we have to find as much space as possible for the those technologies to be safely trialled, ” he told attendees.

Source : Drone/UAM ecosystem governance “must be developed around services welcomed by communities” – Third CIVATAGlobal webinar  – Urban Air Mobility News