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The BLU-Space project is developing a system for the management of unmanned drone traffic in Germany.

It aims to link air traffic data for the first time under real conditions with data from various sources and platforms to develop cross-border blueprints.

The project consortium expects to make a significant contribution to safe and economical air mobility. The BLU-Space project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport as part of the innovation initiative mFUND, with a total of €2.36 million.

The integration of drone technology into urban airspace promises significant benefits for society and the economy: it allows to reduce resource load on ground traffic and increases efficiency in logistics. It improves responsiveness for emergency services by rapidly delivering equipment and gathering precise information; it supports environmental protection through efficient data collection; enhances security through monitoring critical infrastructure; fosters economic development and innovation in various sectors; helps ensures data security and airspace safety; and strengthens disaster relief capabilities while also enhancing the safety of the wider public.

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