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Starting in July, medical samples, supplies and equipment are set to be transported around Luxembourg by air, thanks to a specially designed new drone operated by healthcare providers in association with Swiss drone company RigiTech.

The drone has a carrying compartment equivalent to 15 litres and can fly with up to 3kg on board. Hundreds of samples could therefore be transported, as well as transfusion blood or plasma and even small medical equipment.

It will be operated by Luxembourg Air Ambulance (LAA) personnel who have received extensive training in Switzerland, according to a statement this week. They are supported in the project, called Griffin, by Post Luxembourg, Santé Services and Laboratoires Réunis.

The Griffin partnership was formed in July last year and the drone arrived in Luxembourg this month, ready for testing and certification flights in June and expected deployment from July. Work has been ongoing to establish the drone’s approved flight paths and safety protocols for several months.

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