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Metallic nanowire films, especially silver nano-wires (AgNWs) and copper nanowires (CuNWs), with a random mesh structure have attracted considerable attention as high-performance flexible transparent films to replace the traditional, expensive, and brittle indium tin oxide films. These films have been widely used in displays, touchscreens, and solar cells to achieve next-generation electronics that can be bent, stretched, compressed, twisted, and deformed into complex, nonplanar shapes but maintain good conductive performance, reliability, and integration. Recent researches have indicated that the application of metallic nanowires has been accelerated due to these promising properties. This paper reviews the wet-chemical synthesis of AgNWs and CuNWs, fabrication and posttreatment of nanowire films, as well as their applications as conductive materials in some devices. It provides a latest overview of metallic nanowires and exhibits the developing prospects of high-performance conducting materials for future flexible and wearable optoelectronic devices.

Source : Metallic Nanowires and Their Application – IEEE Journals & Magazine