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In this paper, authors developed miniaturizeddouble side cooling packaging for SiC (silicon carbide) highpower inverter module using new material solutions towithstand high temperature condition over 220oC. Instead ofconventional thick wire bonding on the device, the flip chipbonding for high power source and gate interconnections aredeveloped. For the drain interconnection, copper clips areattached using high temperature endurable interconnectionmaterials. By utilizing these flip-chip structures, the powermodule with double side cooling design was enabled effectivelyfor the heat dissipation induced by high power switchingoperation. Through the thermal modeling and characterization, the power module’s package thermal dissipation performancewas found to be enhanced by 2 times compared with theconventional single side cooling type power module. To copewith the increased maximum junction temperature limit tooperate wide band gap power devices the novel packagingmaterial and its process which can endure up to 220 °C weredeveloped also. Bi and Ag based high temperature solder wasapplied for the flip-chip bumping for SiC device on the DBC(direct bonded copper). The copper clip was applied on thedevice backside as drain interconnection to DBC also. Hightemperature endurable EMC (epoxy molding compound) andTIM (thermal interface material) were also evaluated. Thepackaging process was optimized and developed along with themodeling. Through the reliability assessment, we could showthe potential applicability of double side cooling power modulewith flip-chip and clip bonding design and it would be usefulfor the SiC and GaN based high power module and highjunction and environmental temperature endurableapplications for the near future.

Source : Miniaturized Double Side Cooling Packaging for High Power 3 Phase SiC Inverter Module with Junction Temperature over 220°C – IEEE Conference Publication