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The drain to gate capacitance (Miller capacitance) of SiC MOSFETs leads to the Miller effect during switching transients. The Miller capacitance in a phase-leg configuration causes the crosstalk, the interaction between the two complementary switches, and the Miller plateau during the switching transient. The Miller effect reduces the switching speed, reduces reliability, and increases electromagnetic interference. In this article, by injecting a mirror cancellation current, the effects of Miller capacitance are canceled. The proposed technique includes a two-stage sensing and injection network to compensate for the nonlinearity of the Miller capacitance. The proposed technique can suppress both positive and negative gate voltage spikes induced by the crosstalk and reduce the switching power loss with the increased switching speed. Because no external control signals are required in the proposed technique, it can work with almost all commercial gate drivers. The detailed design for this proposed technique is presented in this article. The proposed technique was validated with both simulations and experiments.

Source : Scopus preview – Scopus – Document details – Miller Capacitance Cancellation to Improve SiC MOSFET’s Performance in a Phase-Leg Configuration