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EPC has developed a detailed physical model to predict how its enhanced mode GaN devices work.

The report, the 12th phase of reliability reporting from EPC on its GaN devices, details a test to fail methodology that identifies intrinsic failure mechanisms and can accurately project the safe operating life of a product over a more general set of operating conditions.

This reliability and prediction is key for adoption of GaN devices in power designs across the automotive market, from lidar drivers to DC-DC converters and traction inverters, as well as power supplies for telecoms and data centre applications.

“With Phase 12 we didn’t just build observational models that fit the data but created a physics-based model of the crystal to construct the lifetime model of the devices. Now we can derive the behaviour, both electrical and lifetime, from the physics,” said Dr Alex Lidow, CEO and founder of EPC, talking to eeNews Power.

Source : Study develops physics model for GaN reliability