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Chaque semaine NAE vous propose une veille technologique sur une thématique de sa feuille de route technologique.

Aujourd’hui retrouvez sa veille sur la thématique Composite qui abordera :

  • Carbon nanotube filler enhances incinerated thermoplastics-induced cytotoxicity and metabolic disruption in vitro.
    Source : www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov – 2020-08-12
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  • Investigation of resin infusion consumable effect on fusion bond strength in the manufacture of a thermoplastic vertical axis wind turbine prototype
    Source : hdl.handle.net – 2020-07-27
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  • Effects of strain rate and high temperature environment on the mechanical performance of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites fabricated by hot press molding
    Source : www.scopus.com – 2020-07-01
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  • On the temperature evolution during continuous laser-assisted tape winding of multiple C/PEEK layers: The effect of roller deformation
    Source : dx.doi.org – 2020-06-30
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