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Western Australia’s (WA) regional police force are turning to drones in the hope of reducing response times for emergencies, reports 24world.news.

Albany is the first town to train its police officers as drone operators. The craft will respond to emergency situations like car crashes and search and rescue operations. The state is organising a one-week drone course for officers to attend, where they’ll learn how to operate the craft and understand the flight regulations. The course will conclude by July.

The regions involved are Great Southern, South West, Wheatbelt, Goldfields-Esperance, Mid West-Gascoyne, the Pilbara, and the Kimberley. Four officers from each one, all the way up north to Broome, will have access to 14 permanent drones. It is hoped the craft will improve response times and coverage without specialist officers’ required.

Source : Western Australia: Regional police turn to drones to reduce emergency response time – Urban Air Mobility News